Reflecting on what Henry Miller once wrote, “one’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things,” David D'Agostino's work presents the viewer a denouement of the mechanics of seeing.  Along these lines, D’Agostino demonstrates the desire to conquer the natural world, yet proves that the landscape continues to be uncapturable in its entirety. His technique and process ask us to reflect and engage with the depth of each work. He tethers the ongoing effort to connect with the ineffable to a once in a lifetime journey. 


Brooke Tomiello, Curator, Lane Meyer Projects, Denver

For many years, David D’Agostino pursued nomadic paths crossing Egypt,  Bulgaria, and Spain, including treks deep in the Sahara. He returned to New Mexico five years ago and maintains a studio in Albuquerque, where he is committed to creating a dialog among artists that encourages collaboration for landscape/social practice.


His work is primarily influenced by ecological crisis and the various, often cryptic stories that arise as collapsing utterances from the natural world. Technically, his work manifests the artistic philosophy of the Qing Dynasty painter Shi-Tao, who emphasized subjective perspective and the use of shifting negative space--what cannot be seen. D'Agostino makes an effort not to fill artistic space with habitual aesthetic responses, but rather to investigate the landscape as an ever-changing fount –- a poetic archeology that, rather than attempting to arrive at something conclusive, recognizes the formless essence of perception and consciousness.

D’Agostino's exhibition career includes being invited into the politically-inspired Bulgarian collective ‘XXL', and the first American to have a studio and representation with Townhouse Gallery in Cairo--a prominent contemporary art space in North Africa. He has maintained strong relations with local art scenes abroad, and has organized exhibits in the US, including ‘Bloodlines’ at the MCA Denver, which featured a number of leading Bulgarian and Russian artists. D'Agostino was a studio artist at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center from 2008-11 and exhibited at Poem (88) Gallery in Atlanta.  In 2014, he was a founding member of the Ejection Seat Collective whose members performed ‘Broken Cowboy’ at Redline, Denver. In 2015, David and collaborating artists, created a multimedia installation and performance, ‘Parental Fatigue,’ for the Biennale of the Americas, Denver and Mexico City.  During 2017-19, he participated in the XXL group show at the Bulgarian National Gallery in Sofia, constructed an inter-media installation at the Saad Zaghloul Contemporary Art Center in Cairo, Egypt, and had solo shows at FXFOWLE in NYC and Lane Meyer Projects, Denver, Colorado.

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'Bigger Views(s): Earth, Anthropocene, Beauty' with Jennifer Lord and Noah Travis Phillips, currently on-line.

Boulder (CO) Public Library, 2020

'25th Anniversary Contemporary Art Exhibit', Korean Cultural Center,
Los Angeles, 2019

'Past and Present of a Counter Culture Narrative', National Gallery of Art, XXL Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018



'Atmospheres', Saad Zaghloul Contemporary Art Center,

Cairo, Egypt, 2018

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