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Leaf Pattern Design

Chosen Blindness

AC2 Albuquerque Contemporary Art Center


Top 5x5 Picks - SW Contemporary
Chosen Blindness’ strives to bring attention to trauma in animalsUnlike most sculptors and photographers, Dyke and D’Agostino do not show animals in their over idealized form, rather they prefer to reveal their underlying trauma and resilience.--Albuquerque Journal


Luanem Gallery 2022 Artist in Residence, Menaul School, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

David D'Agostino introduces senior students to different  ways of being present while  exploring nature's often unseen designs, coupled with creating new work in the visiting artist studio.  Many thanks to Cindy Dominguez, residency director.

The Zen of Creativity: Shinrin-yoku and Found Symbiosis.


David D'Agostino will facilitate a 3 Part workshop that melds Zen, Forest Bathing and Art Practice. 


Albuquerque Zen Center

April-May, 2023


Dysbiosis Residency, Ayatana's Biophilium Science School for Artists, March-May 2023

Artists study invasive species, novel ecologies and associated  cultural encounters and responses.

High Country News 2023 Curated Auction to benefit HCN's visual story-telling. HCN is a non-profit periodical dedicated since 1970 to giving a voice to the West's human and natural communities with smart, courageous journalism.

 South Broadway Cultural Center Gallery, ‘Animals: Invisible Stories’

Supported by the City of Albuquerque

June 1-30, 2023

Works by members of the Bestiary Collective:  Mark Dyke (clay, wax and bronze sculpture),  Dan Fuller (painting and drawing), David D’Agostino (diorama construction and photography), and guest artist Angela Kahoali’i Casagrande (photo-collage).

Influenced by an awareness of nature’s beauty, imperfection, and violence coupled with humanity’s chosen blindness and destruction, the exhibit will reveal how animals must negotiate their survival in an ever bewildering world. 

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